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Hey loves, loooong time no post! There's no particular reason why I'm so quiet on social media and this blog lately (quite a few friends asked if I'm okay or what's going on), I just enjoy living in the moment for now and not worry about if I shot the perfect photo. I mean, it's fun and I really, really loved it the past 3 years but I guess I need a break. Never thought I would ever come to this point where I don't even check Instagram daily anymore. It used to be the first thing I checked in the morning and the last when I went to bed. 
For now I will only post when I feel like it and not because an editorial calendar tells me to. My fellow bloggers will know how stressful it can be to come up with something new at least twice a week - plus I'm working a regular full-time job. The other thing is that I moved to a new town about a year ago and really had to focus on meeting people and not scaring them away by taking food photos at the restaurant and stuff. I don't want to whine here, just trying to explain.

Today I do feel like posting and showing you this cute blouse found at Romwe;) Really nice companion for hot days cause it's so loose and airy. Ruffles are everything this spring - you see them on sleeves, necklines, hems, even pants! My favourite part of this blouse is the back though. The low neckline with the criss-cross detail is really cute! What do you think? xx

** In lovely collaboration with ROMWE **

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