My Experience with Teeth Bleaching at the Dentist

** In lovely collaboration with Dr. Mutz **

Hi loves, I did something last week that I'd been thinking about for a while: A professional teeth bleaching at the dentist. My teeth were pretty yellow and dark, and I was always a little bit unhappy about it envying people with bright white teeth. So, last Monday was the day and I had my bleaching appointment at Dr. Mutz in Düsseldorf. So exciting!

I tried to gather all information you need if you're thinking about a bleaching as well, plus my personal experience of course. Should there be any questions unanswered, please comment and I'll let you know:)

What is the difference between a bleaching at the dentist and other whitening methods?

Dentists are allowed to use a much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than non-professionals. In Germany the difference is enormous! Bleaching studios can only use 0,1% while dentist can use up to 32% concentration, so the result will be much better. For me, Dr. Mutz actually used the highest percentage.

Bleaching strips for home are also a common option. They do show some results, the problem is though that often times the flat surfaces of teeth turn white while the gaps stay yellow because the strips are not custom fit. Not a nice look!

There are also teeth whitening sets sold in drug stores or online where you have trays and a blue light. I'm sure you've seen these all over Instagram! Yet again the problem is that those trays are not custom fit for your set of teeth. Your gums are not protected which can lead to the hydrogen peroxide damaging the soft gum tissue. 

How does the bleaching method work?

Bleaching teeth basically works like bleaching your hair. It is an intrinsic form, where hydrogen peroxide gel is soaked up by your teeth, bleaching the inner tissue. This now lighter inner part reflects through the enamel like a prism making your teeth seem almost white.

What is the procedure at the dentist like?

First of all you will have to wear a mouth opener throughout the entire procedure which took a little bit over an hour in my case. The mouth opener at the dentist is surprisingly comfortable, not like the one I had to once wear at a bleaching studio. There I had horrible pain in my jaw after a while, this time the only not so nice things was that I had problems swallowing so I was drooling a little bit.

Next, the dentist or his/her assistant will make a so-called "gum mask". This is a kind of paste applied to your gums which hardens very quickly with the help of a special light. This mask will make sure that the bleaching gel does not touch the sensitive soft tissue. 

After that the actual bleaching begins. You can do up to 4 rounds of 15 minutes max. Every new round the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth (btw in my case 10 teeth on top and 10 teeth on the bottom) that will then be irradiated with a special blue light. 

After these 4 rounds max. the gel and gum mask are removed and you are ready to go.

Did the procedure hurt and how did you feel afterwards?

The first two rounds I was completely fine not feeling anything abnormal. Five minutes into the third round I started to feel some prickling at certain teeth that quickly developed into true pain. Dr. Mutz's assistant was with me all the time so she noticed right away and lowered the intensity of the light and placed it a little further away from my teeth. 

The next couple fo hours after the procedure I had some really painful "flashes" going through certain teeth. Dr. Mutz gave me fluoride paste that is supposed to help with sensitivity. As I had to work that day, I took a pain killer to be honest otherwise it would have been hard to concentrate. The pain wasn't extremely bad but enough to feel distracted.

2-3 days after the whitening you are not supposed to eat anything that might dye your teeth as the are very "open" after the procedure. This for example includes coffee, black tea, red wine, tomatoes.

Are you happy with the result?

Yes, I'm happy! First I thought the difference weren't that visible but my family assured me that it is a big difference. The result is not bright white but I went four shades up. It's actually a good thing that it didn't come out super white because it can easily look unnatural. It also really depends on the lightning. The photo at the beginning of the article was taken with bright sunlight coming from the front in which my teeth look pretty white indeed. I'm very happy I had the whitening done and would consider repeating it in two years or so.

What does a teeth bleaching at a dentist cost?

At Dr. Mutz the professional teeth bleaching costs approximately 300 EUR + 100 EUR for the cleaning before the procedure.

Are you fully happy with your teeth or would you consider whitening them? Let me know in the comments:)


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