** in lovely collaboration with Petra Toth **

Dear loves, I am very excited to share these photos with you. I haven't done an editorial type shoot in a while and I think it turned out pretty nice. I had the great opportunity to work with lovely Slovak designer Petra Toth on this who takes her inspiration from traditional slavic ornaments and transforms them into contemporary designs. She is a jeweller so she naturally started out with jewellery but now you can also find ladies fashion in her store.

I am absolutely in love with every aspect of this look. The dress is just stunning made from 100% silk so it's super flowy and the print is so joyful. The embroidered belt matches perfectly and gives that extra texture. And the earrings, what can I say, I just love big earrings as a statements. These ones are made so well, in the sahpe of a heart with fine ornaments and details. Stunner!

As Petra Toth takes her inspiration from Slavic folklore elements I wanted to put it in that kind of context. Of course this look is suitable for any chic summer event or holiday, too, though :)

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